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When he enrolled in ASHTEC, his first choice was to take Information and Communication Technology. But since all the slots were taken, he was forced to shift to Electronics and Communication Technology. During his studies, he got involved in different school organizations as a member and an officer. He learned a lot of things about good manners and right conduct. ASHTEC also honed his academic and technical skills. He took his On-the-Job Training (OJT) at the Regional Office of Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (TESDA) in Pampanga. His responsibilities include technical, newsletter designing tarpaulin and billboard and encoding. He always [...]

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Artchie came from a poor family. In his high school days, he would talk to the officers of the tricycle operators to allow him to drive a tricycle in order to earn for his tuition and daily allowance. After finishing high school, he studied at TESDA and took up automotive. This training proved to be useful as he was able to get a job at NAIA 1 as a baggage handler. After one and a half years, he resigned to pursue his desire to study – knowing that this will lead to a better life. He came to know ASHTEC through [...]

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AMG Skilled Hands Technological College (ASHTEC) is certainly a heaven not only for me but my fellow trainees when we started as first year students in 2008. I entered the school without any financial support from my family. I had to sell my cellphone so I can buy soap, shampoo and kept the remaining for my allowance. I didn’t know how far that money can go but I can only care less at that time. The training inside ASHTEC was awesome. I was proven wrong to think that this place is just a low class college like the ones in our [...]

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Kim used to be a person with a lot of vices like smoking, drinking alcoholic beverages and having many girlfriends. He used to go with his friends for hangouts in the afternoon and go home the following day. His parents brought him to ASHTEC hoping that he will improve while studying. At first, he refused to study in ASHTEC, because he was afraid to be away from home and his friends. But true enough, God used his 2-year ICT course to mold him into a better person. The skills training he obtained plus the moral values formation program he underwent helped [...]

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Members of Asia Regional Alliance (ARA) composed of Woord en Daad, AMG Thailand, AMG India, AMG Philippines, CCT, COUNT India, Word and Deed India, Y-GRO and Insol visited ASHTEC last March 16, 2017. They received a warm welcome from ASHTEC staff and students. They were toured around the ASHTEC facilities and were given opportunity to interact with faculty members and students.




Danilo was able to work abroad after his training in Piping Maintenance with EEI in partnership with ASHTEC. He was deployed in Saudi Arabia in one of the projects of EEI. After his contract with the company, he decided to apply for work at PEC LTD Plant Engineering in Singapore. Currently, he works there as one of the Plant Piping Maintenance personnel. His desire to study in ASHTEC and to work abroad is because of his love for his parents. Knowing that his parents are getting old, he tries his best to support them by sending money for regular expenses, hospital [...]

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Marlon comes a very poor family. His father is a farmer while his mother is a plain housewife. They try their best to cultivate the small land they possess by planting crops and selling them on the street. In his elementary days, he helped his mother sell sweet corns and bananas in order to sustain his studies and their family. At an early age, he experienced waking up early in the morning and walking long distances with her mother, selling their harvest. His brother and sister got married and were not able to finish their studies. As a result, they too, [...]

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Crecet is typically shy and has low self-esteem before coming to ASHTEC. She enrolled and took up the 2-Year course on Information and Communications Technology (ICT) hoping to find a good and sustainable job after completing the course. During her studies, she gained enough knowledge and skills about ICT. At the same time, she noticed changes in her character as a result of encouragement and mentoring by her ASHTEC teachers and adviser. Her experiences at ASHTEC taught her confidence and being more responsible. Most importantly, her relationship and devotion to God deepened, making her a stronger person. She attributes her life [...]

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Joan is one of the CCT-sponsored scholars who studied in ASHTEC. In her personal testimony, she shared how her life changed during her studies. Since ASHTEC’s environment promotes harmony, cooperation, and discipline, it was not easy for her to adjust at first. However, with her daily exposure to this environment, she begun to appreciate its values until she realized that slowly, it is contributing to her transformation – to a better person. She learned not only in skills training but also how to treat other people better. Most of all, she values her relationship with Jesus Christ as her Lord and [...]

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