Artchie came from a poor family. In his high school days, he would talk to the officers of the tricycle operators to allow him to drive a tricycle in order to earn for his tuition and daily allowance. After finishing high school, he studied at TESDA and took up automotive. This training proved to be useful as he was able to get a job at NAIA 1 as a baggage handler. After one and a half years, he resigned to pursue his desire to study – knowing that this will lead to a better life.

He came to know ASHTEC through his cousin, Amelita David, a former ASHTEC librarian. Through the assistance of Amelita, he was able to study in ASHTEC. He took up Information and Communication Technology major in Programming. Despite lack of financial support from his parents, he worked hard and diligently pursued his goal of completing his course. During semestral breaks, he would go back to his former job and work on a part-time basis.

Through the assistance of ASHTEC, he completed his On-the-Job training at Lexmark in Cebu. This opportunity allowed him to experience working in a corporate environment and at the same time, provided for his financial needs.

Currently, he is working in Microfinance Company as an Account Officer.  His commitment and hard work was recognized by the company when he received an award as Best Account Officer. He was also offered supervisory position. He is thankful to God for using ASHTEC in answering his prayer for a better future for him and his family.