AMG Skilled Hands Technological College (ASHTEC) is certainly a heaven not only for me but my fellow trainees when we started as first year students in 2008. I entered the school without any financial support from my family. I had to sell my cellphone so I can buy soap, shampoo and kept the remaining for my allowance. I didn’t know how far that money can go but I can only care less at that time.

The training inside ASHTEC was awesome. I was proven wrong to think that this place is just a low class college like the ones in our town where I came from. The class schedules were tight but fruitful. We had 6-8 hours classes per day not to mention special events like devotions and weekday fellowships. The curriculum we had is not ordinary. For example, we were able code like a ninja on our first semester whereas commercial schools will likely take a year for them to teach this skill. My instructors are great, from I.T. to my general elective subject teachers. Not only the skills that they impart were superb but also the character they displayed. I can’t thank God enough for the knowledge and the influences these people made into my life.

I was later hired by our school’s partner company as Web Designer and Front-End Developer for a client abroad. I was promoted the same year as one of the administrators of the Web Design Department. In 2012, a change in company ownership resulted to my promotion to middle management.

This career advancement is because of the training I got from ASHTEC. Another factor is the Christian values and ethics that were inculcated to me during my tenure as a student in ASHTEC which was only possible through a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

Presently, I am happily married and I am now employed as General Manager/Web Designer in our company. I am also the Administrator in our local church, the Jesus Our Firm Foundation in Pulilan, Bulacan.  Sometimes, my pastor would assign me to preach His Word during Sundays. I am also involved in our Praise and Worship team as bass guitarist.

Whenever people ask me where I graduated I would proudly say “in ASHTEC”. I will forever be indebted to this institution because God used ASHTEC to be where I am today.