Danilo was able to work abroad after his training in Piping Maintenance with EEI in partnership with ASHTEC. He was deployed in Saudi Arabia in one of the projects of EEI. After his contract with the company, he decided to apply for work at PEC LTD Plant Engineering in Singapore. Currently, he works there as one of the Plant Piping Maintenance personnel.

His desire to study in ASHTEC and to work abroad is because of his love for his parents. Knowing that his parents are getting old, he tries his best to support them by sending money for regular expenses, hospital bills when they get sick, and house improvement. He is also provides for simple celebration on special occasions like birthday, anniversaries, etc., which made their family bond stronger. He acknowledge the big role that ASHTEC played in providing the necessary skills so that he can realize his dream of providing for their family and improving their lives.