The AMG Skilled Hands Technological College, an institution that serves God through different technical courses, academic learning and Christian-oriented activities, welcomes you to its people, programs and services. Its main goal is to help underprivileged youth gain better opportunities in life through relevant and excellent skills training. The school prepares its students by equipping them with suitable knowledge through innovative teaching and proper attitude to compete in the growing job market. Through its supportive and modern method of teachings, the students are able to learn and use these essential skills and life learning to build a brighter future – for themselves and their families. AMG Skilled Hands Technological College aims not only to help the poor, but also build a strong relationship with God among its constituents.

It would be a great privilege for us if you can visit also our campus so that you will have a better understanding and appreciation of our programs and activities. Come and see for yourself God at work in our school and in the lives of our students – transforming people for a lifetime!


ASHTEC is a learning and training institution that provides holistic and Christ-centered programs to develop, transform and empower students towards becoming God-fearing, self-sustaining, high skilled and distinct individuals who add value towards nation building.


Globally competitive institution of holistically transformed, skilled, well-formed and self-sustained individuals.

Core Values

Statistics of our Graduates

On The Job Training (OJT) 89%
Employed Graduates 85%
Self-Employed / Entreprenuers 30%
Unemployed 3%
  • Our Work is our Service to God
  • Holistic Approach
  • Compassion to the Poor
  • Sustainability
  • Competence and Excellence
  • Teamwork