Marlon comes a very poor family. His father is a farmer while his mother is a plain housewife. They try their best to cultivate the small land they possess by planting crops and selling them on the street. In his elementary days, he helped his mother sell sweet corns and bananas in order to sustain his studies and their family. At an early age, he experienced waking up early in the morning and walking long distances with her mother, selling their harvest. His brother and sister got married and were not able to finish their studies. As a result, they too, ended up being poor and in financial need every day. He realized early in life that this is not the kind of life he wanted. His dream is to pursue his studies so that he can have better opportunities and rise above their poverty.

In 2009, he was granted a scholarship in ASHTEC. He pursued his studies with full commitment despite the absence of allowance to buy personal necessities. He studied hard and completed his two-year skills training in Information and Communication Technology.

After graduating from ASHTEC, he was accepted by Prime Outsourcing, Inc., located in Mandaluyong City as a Website Designer. Since then, he relocated in the same city with other ASHTEC alumni, where they regularly attend a church also. He also involved himself in the church as a Sunday School teacher.

Once a month, he makes it a point to be with his family in Narra Akle, San Ildefonso, Bulacan. He also helps in renovating their house and providing for his family’s needs. He also helps his younger sister who is currently enrolled in ASHTEC, knowing that she can also follow the same path that he took towards improving their condition.