Crecet is typically shy and has low self-esteem before coming to ASHTEC. She enrolled and took up the 2-Year course on Information and Communications Technology (ICT) hoping to find a good and sustainable job after completing the course. During her studies, she gained enough knowledge and skills about ICT. At the same time, she noticed changes in her character as a result of encouragement and mentoring by her ASHTEC teachers and adviser. Her experiences at ASHTEC taught her confidence and being more responsible. Most importantly, her relationship and devotion to God deepened, making her a stronger person. She attributes her life transformation, first, to God, and second, to ASHTEC which guided and provided a good model for her to follow.

Presently, she is working at Datascope Communication Phils., Inc. in Makati City where she is able to use her skills and at the same time, influence others with the transformation in her life.