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On our 27th year, ASHTEC continues to welcome you to be part of our Transformative Ministry through the “iSupport!” Sponsorship Program. The “iSupport!” Sponsorship Program gives you freedom to choose the type and frequency of support you will give according to your capabilities. The funds collected will be pooled together to enable deserving youth to acquire the needed life and technical skills towards employment and/or self-employment. Under the guidance of our competent training and non-training staff, these skills are honed and developed through intensive face-to-face training sessions supplemented by proven values and character formation programs inside ASHTEC campus. The program culminates thru an On-the-Job program to promote skills and work competence and referral to different partner companies for employment.

Last year, the “iSupport!” Sponsorship Program was able to support 15 scholars who are about to graduate this coming December 2022 after their On-the-Job Training. This year, we aim to admit 25 students from among our long list of applicants to this program. They will take up Certificate in Information and Communications Technology. Successful graduates will earn two (2) TESDA level II National Certification in Computer System Servicing and Technical Drafting and 18 academic units.

May you help support our youth out of the cycle of poverty and away from the dangers of illiteracy by becoming one of our partners to the “I Support!” Sponsorship program by filling out the iSupport Sponsorship Form or download the form here.

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Nemecio B. Barrameda, M.Div.
President & CEO

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