“ASHTEC helped me become what and where I am right now. They taught me the skills necessary to excel in my craft, but it also helped me grow spiritually as a Christian.”

Danilo came from a humble beginning. His deceased father was a driver while his mother was a vendor. While he finished welding at ASHTEC, he also learned skills in computer, mathematics and others which expanded his ability to handle his present position as Document Controller at Fahd Alireza Engineering Consultants in Saudi Arabia. His salary enabled him to support his family financially. He is also an active member of a local church in Bulacan, Christian Baptist Church and Divine Desert University Church in Saudi Arabia where he is involve in the Music ministry.

He values his studies at ASHTEC because he learned to study the Bible and he personally encountered and established a relationship with God. This resulted to a better outlook in life, good attitude towards work and respect for others. He is continuously allowing himself to be used by God as a channel of blessing to other people and sharing God’s love to them.