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AMG Skilled Hands Technological College (ASHTEC) is certainly a heaven not only for me but my fellow trainees when we started as first year students in 2008. I entered the school without any financial support from my family. I had to sell my cellphone so I can buy soap, shampoo and kept the remaining for my allowance. I didn’t know how far that money can go but I can only care less at that time. The training inside ASHTEC was awesome. I was proven wrong to think that this place is just a low class college like the ones in our [...]

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Kim used to be a person with a lot of vices like smoking, drinking alcoholic beverages and having many girlfriends. He used to go with his friends for hangouts in the afternoon and go home the following day. His parents brought him to ASHTEC hoping that he will improve while studying. At first, he refused to study in ASHTEC, because he was afraid to be away from home and his friends. But true enough, God used his 2-year ICT course to mold him into a better person. The skills training he obtained plus the moral values formation program he underwent helped [...]

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