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For one and a half year before entering ASHTEC, his life has no direction, no plans at all. He can say that ASHTEC is one of the most wonderful places he’d ever been because the Lord Jesus Christ changed him a lot. From a person without plans and goals into a God-fearing person who dreams for his future. ASHTEC helped him to mold his abilities and talents. After studying in ASHTEC, God opened many opportunities for him. For more than 3 years now, he have been working as a home-based Graphic/Web Designer for W3 Now Incorporated. He started as an OJT [...]

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Calling all ASHTEC graduates! Share to us your or your fellow alumni’s stories of success for a chance to be featured on ASHTEC’s coffee table book. The most inspiring story will receive prizes and special tokens from ASHTEC and the ASHTEC Alumni Org. Simply message us the name, contact number and address of the person you are nominating. Please pass this to others!

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