After she graduated from High School, she did not worry because her parents will support her schooling. Her father is an evangelist and she has an idea already about God but not yet that matured. Unfortunately, her father died and her perspective in life suddenly change. She needed to persevere. She only has one goal in life and that is to pursue her studies in college. It took a year praying for the Lord to answer her prayer request.

She came from Lake Sebu, South Cotabato, Mindanao and God brought her to ASHTEC, Bulacan. The chance was given to her to know more about God. She became matured and learned to love God’s Word. With the course she took, her computer skills were enhanced because of the instructors who were very determined to share their knowledge, abilities & skills to them.

After graduation, she immediately looked for a job and realized that applying was not that easy but by the grace of God, she was hired as an encoder in ADSIA Logistics, Inc. which is a forwarder of Del Monte Philippines. Stela May only studied for 2 years but she can competed against 4 year graduates and got hired to become a seasonal contract for 3 months. She was amazed during that time because among them, she is the only 2 year graduate who was left and she didn’t expect it.  For her, it was a blessing because she always worked for the Lord and not for men.  She shares the love of God to her co-workers/ officemates which influences them to think first about the Lord before anything else. In order for them to know about God, she shares flyers about salvation. She believes that God placed her in the company because that place needs salvation.

Currently, she is a one-year soldier in the church and became one of their youth leaders. She is now helping her family and the church financially. She is happy because God is really faithful to her. All things belongs to God.

She thanks God for the big opportunity for her to study in ASHTEC because she met people who are also faithful in serving the Lord and including the instructors and staff who touched and became part of her life.

 “If you perform your part, God will fulfill His”.