Ruby Joyce Morales graduated the ICT course, batch 26. She currently working as an Executive Assistant/Finance Staff at Fourkings Lumber and Construction Supply in Baliwag. She was a former sponsored student of Father “Boyet”, because she don’t have the ability to study because her parents are incapable to provide her education. She’s so thankful to be among those who got sponsorship from Father Boyet.

In God, she have found her purpose in life. Before, her mindset was about the world was telling to her – to study and then have a good job then enjoy life, but God opened her heart and eyes to see what is far more important in life and the meaning of being really successful. She is not saying that she is financially secured or that she have already achieved. She don’t even have a perfect life right now but she have found that the true meaning of success is when you know God and that you are cheerfully and faithfully walking according to His will. The joy that God has given to her cannot be compared to the joy that the world can offer. It really created an impact in her life and her family was the first witness on how God changed her life, to the point that they also gave their trust because of the wonderful change that God has done in her life. It made her family trust God as well.

During the days when she were searching for company for On the Job Training (OJT), her classmates and Ruby decided to apply in Manila. Unfortunately she was not able to go because of financial constraints. She prayed and trusted God that He has a better plan for her and then immediately, God answered her prayer. The person who approach her in Victory Baliwag, currently her discipleship leader referred her to the friend who was working in Fourkings Lumber. She was amazed for the company accepted her and to start working the next day. She cannot explain how faithful our God is in answering prayers. God continued doing His work in her life as she put her trust in Him. Until today, she is still in the same company. They hired her after the OJT. God really fulfilled His promises in every areas of life and she believe that God continue to do greater things, more than she could ever imagine.

She may no longer be in ASHTEC today, she may be attending church outside the school, she may be leading other students to God now, but she will always look back that someday, the school introduced her to God and she will never forget what they have imparted in her.

She believe and pray for more blessings for ASHTEC, its staff and students.  To God be all the Glory!