Course applied for:  Information and Communications Technology (Major in Animation)
His dream is to become an architect someday.
His teacher in Technology and Livelihood Education at Partida High School, San Miguel, Bulacan saw his potential and encouraged John to take the entrance examination at AMG Skilled Hands Technological College (ASHTEC). He believes that ASHTEC is the best place for John to study because he knows that the school provides excellent academic training. He also knows about  ASHTEC’s uniqueness in its character development program, done on a one-on-one basis, especially with students who have personal issues in attitude and behaviour. This ensures the quality of ASHTEC’s graduates which results to 85% ratio of employability.

John took the entrance examination and passed with a high score of 36 which is above the passing score for scholarship. John wanted to take up a 2-year course in Information and Communications Technology major in Animation at ASHTEC.  His father, Romero, is a contractual welder in a construction company in San Miguel, Bulacan. But due to a complication of his kidney, most of his income is spent for medicines.

John is praying for a sponsor who will help him pursue his studies – believing that this is the key to a better future for him and his family.