The Head Pastor, Rev. Cornelio Sacramento, talked to her about ASHTEC. But she had to wait for one year to get enrolled because she was under age and all the slots were already taken. However, ASHTEC reserved a slot for her months before June so she was able to enroll on the first semester.

Life inside ASHTEC was great. She learned a lot of things during her 2-year study. She was blessed because she was one of those given the opportunity to take her OJT at Lexmark Research and Development Corporation – a multinational company based in Cebu. After a successful OJT and a year of challenges and learning in Lexmark, one of her mentors referred her to the Human Resource Information Systems department for a contractual position. She was blessed to get the job so went back to Cebu after graduation to start her first official job.


Since then, she have been working with Lexmark. She is a HRIS Specialist (Global Learning Management Systems Administrator). At the same time, she is taking a Bachelor’s Degree in Information Technology to enhance herself further for better opportunities in the future. She is now financially independent, and is able to support the needs of her family. True enough, with God nothing is impossible.