Before he enrolled in AMG Skilled Hands Training Center, his life is a mess. He came from a broken and financially unfortunate family. On that time, he didn’t know what to do or how to continue with his life. He don’t have plans and was ready to settle on what life has given to him.

But when he was introduced and enrolled in ASHTEC, his life changed and shifted to a whole new direction. He was able to know Jesus and realize that all of the things that happened in his life had a purpose. Through ASHTEC, he was able to learn different things that prepares him to face the challenges of the outside world; physically, mentally and spiritually.

He had a privilege to learn and develop his technical skills while understanding the Word of God at the same time. The staff, as well as the whole AMG team are able to equip him, to compete with those who finished Bachelor’s Degree in job interviews as well as communicating with other people.

With only five (5) months of training, he was ready and confident enough to start his life as a Christian; work and face the outside world.

He is very thankful to God that He used ASHTEC as a way to change his life and make him of who he is today.

He hopes that this organization will continue what they have started and change the lives of those unfortunate children.