When he was seventeen (17) years old, he worked as an operator in a factory in order to help his family financially because his parents were farmers. Farming was the family’s only source of their meager income. In his work, he was not entitled to receive benefits because he was just a high school graduate at that time. One time, his neighbor told him about ASHTEC. He went to the school primarily to inquire for his brother because he wanted to study here. However, he ended up taking the exam and passing it himself.

Although they can barely afford it, his parents supported his studies. Because of this, he studied hard and became a very active student. His placement with One-the-Job Training (OJT) was difficult because of financial constraints. It took him sometime before he could finally start his OJT. Thank God because a church in Pulilan helped him and adopted him while he was pursuing his OJT. He is currently attending that church and doing his share in the ministry as an Audio Operator.

He is now a regular Junior Electrician, handling electrical tools and troubleshooting at Sierra Madre Steel Mills in Pulilan, Bulacan.