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Featured Testimonies from Successful Graduates


Airyl Laurie

The best thing that ASHTEC did for me was introduce Jesus to me who I learned to accept as my lord and personal savior.

ASHTEC provided work for me from their contact companies and using the skills and knowledge that I have learned, I stayed at the company for a year. Aiming for greater success, I applied to several other companies and two years later, I became the Senior Web Designer of Molave Internet Solutions.

Looking back to my previous life, it was really amazing how God have changed it. Now, I understand why I had a difficult life. It was so that I could see how colorful it was meant to be.

God really made a way for me when there seemed to be no way.


Gina Magallanes

I was able to study at ASHTEC because my mother was a member of CCT which eventually led me to becoming a sponsored child of a CCT project. The day came when I had to go out of ASHTEC for our OJT and I was one of the first students to be placed in Picture City as a Customer Service Provider in SM Sta. Rosa.

Today, I am able to help my family financially and send my siblings to school; one of them will be graduating from college. All I can say is that in everything you do and in every situation you are in, don’t lose your confidence in yourself. God Bless!


Marvin P. Guzman

Being a student of ASHTEC was a very challenging experience. There were strict rules to be followed, household chores to perform, and lots of Spiritual activities to attend. But these challenges helped me to become a better person. It taught me to be a responsible, competitive, and God-fearing person.

Today, I’ve been working for Lexmark as a Firmware Test Engineer for almost 2 years already. I thank God for all the blessings and guidance He had showered over me and for creating ASHTEC who have helped me achieve my dreams.