Promodizers Training Program

What is Skills Plus Promodizers Training Program?

The Promodizers Training Program is a series of training modules that will prepare you for your new job as a Promodizer. It is aimed at providing you with the essential skills towards becoming a competent sales personnel.


Personality Development

It all starts with you – the promodizer! This module will show you how important your role is and how you should carry yourself to be able to present your merchandise effectively to your customers.

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This module will expose you to the sales process a customer undertakes before buying a merchandise and how you, as promodizer, can successfully help make a sale.

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Customer Service

Successfully making a sale and future sales require effective customer service. This module will help you delight your customers to make them come back for more!


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Handling Difficult People and Customers

Promodizers deal with different kinds of customers. While it is ideal to have nice customers, this does not happen all the time. This module will help you understand difficult customers and handle objections to effectively make a sale.
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