Information and Communication Technology (ICT)

The two–year Information and Communication Technology (ICT) course teaches the students to conceptualize, create and develop computer programs, perform data encoding, desk-top publishing, and basic clerical work. This course also includes computer troubleshooting and network management. Through this curriculum, they are also taught the fundamentals of electricity and electronics for them to learn the essential skills in the maintenance and repair of computers. The school prepares and thoroughly equips its students the necessary skills and knowledge for them to be competitive in the growing IT job market.

ICT Visual Graphics Design

is a full-packed design development course designed to enhance the knowledge, skills and attitude of a trainee in developing design studies.

Visual Graphics Design

Graphic design is the process of visual communication, and problem-solving through the use of type, space and image.

ICT Animation

Qualification consists of competencies that a person must achieve to produce 2D digital animation, multimedia and special effects for film and television/video in both production and post-production stages.

2D Animation

This includes Flash which involves creating vector and raster graphics using a graphics application.

On-Job Training

Visual Graphic Designer
Web Designer
Creative Designer
Layout Artist
Clerical Works

Possible Work

Visual Graphic Designer
Web Designer
Creative Designer
Layout Artist
Clerical Works

ICT Certifications

Certification is provided to those who meets the competency standards. This ensures the productivity, quality and global competitiveness of the middle-level workers.

Why take this Course?

  • The number of IT jobs continues to grow
  • IT jobs generally pay well;
  • IT jobs provide leadership challenges and opportunities, contributing to a satisfying career that lets you combine IT with your other interests.
  • Organizations rely on IT to help them be more productive;
  • Strong industry links
  • Empower yourself to better understand the technology behind many of today’s careers.
  • Flexible study options

What Graduates’ Say

“After graduation, AMG provided work for me from their contact companies. Using the skills and knowledge that I have learned, I worked as a Data Encoder for a year. Aiming for greater success. Two years of hard work and good performance, I became the senior web designer of an IT company in Metro Manila. Now I am the Team Leader of PrimeOutsourcing Inc. One of the top Staff Leasing IT company.”
“Today, I’ve been working for Lexmark as a Firmware Test Engineer for almost 2 years already. I thank God for all the blessings and guidance He had showered over me and for creating ASHTEC who have helped me achieve my dreams.”
“During my stay in ASHTEC, I won first place in a skills competition in Programming. I achieved 2nd honor during my 1st year on Recognition Day and attained higher grades during my 2nd year in ASHTEC where I was awarded 1st honor on Recognition Day.
I graduated with honors – GWA 90 to 91.99% on our Graduation Day and got Skills Excellence in ICT-Major in Programming. All my vices are now gone and I now have a clearer vision in life.