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Joan is one of the CCT-sponsored scholars who studied in ASHTEC. In her personal testimony, she shared how her life changed during her studies. Since ASHTEC’s environment promotes harmony, cooperation, and discipline, it was not easy for her to adjust at first. However, with her daily exposure to this environment, she begun to appreciate its […]

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Before he enrolled in AMG Skilled Hands Training Center, his life is a mess. He came from a broken and financially unfortunate family. On that time, he didn’t know what to do or how to continue with his life. He don’t have plans and was ready to settle on what life has given to him.

But when […]

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They are 5 in the family and he is the youngest. Back then, they were poor living as informal settlers. Living in a difficult environment was not easy. He was influenced badly by his peers and the environment where he was growing up. Until one day, a pastor came to their house and asked him […]

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After she graduated from High School, she did not worry because her parents will support her schooling. Her father is an evangelist and she has an idea already about God but not yet that matured. Unfortunately, her father died and her perspective in life suddenly change. She needed to persevere. She only has one goal […]

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Hi! I am Genesis Dineros and I’m 23 years old, I grew up in an orphanage (Home of Hope) since my mother died. My sister and I got separated from our father and siblings I think I was 8 or 9 years old and I don’t know where they are but my sister and I […]

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When he was seventeen (17) years old, he worked as an operator in a factory in order to help his family financially because his parents were farmers. Farming was the family’s only source of their meager income. In his work, he was not entitled to receive benefits because he was just a high school graduate […]

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For one and a half year before entering ASHTEC, his life has no direction, no plans at all.

He can say that ASHTEC is one of the most wonderful places he’d ever been because the Lord Jesus Christ changed him a lot. From a person without plans and goals into a God-fearing person who dreams for […]

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“What matters most in this world is not only to have a good educational attainment, but your willingness to serve and obey God where He placed you.”

Mary Grace took this challenge seriously after graduating from ASHTEC in 2010. That same year, she started working at Officelux Interior in Mandaluyong City as Logistics Officer. Her excellent […]

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Danilo C. Torres

“ASHTEC helped me become what and where I am right now. They taught me the skills necessary to excel in my craft, but it also helped me grow spiritually as a Christian.”

Danilo came from a humble beginning. His deceased father was a driver while his mother was a vendor. While he finished welding at ASHTEC, […]

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