A message from the President

After more than 20 years of involvement in educating countless young people, I realized that there is even a greater need to prepare our youth now so that they can take significant roles in the future of our nation. However, for them to take their roles effectively, they must be equipped with proper academic knowledge, properly tuned up skills, and strengthened moral values that will guide them to make the right choices and decisions.

By the grace of God, ASHTEC, from its humble beginning, had been in this business: “Transforming people for a lifetime”.

And it is not an easy task. In fact, it is a difficult task, filled with challenges to the brim. More especially as it involves people from different background with different personalities. It is an enormous task that involves time, resources, love and compassion for people. It is a calling from God and obedience to His call. After all, it is God who has the power to “transform” people.

I believe God called ASHTEC, from the very beginning, to this ministry of skills training and development of moral value for each student who come our way. As we obey this calling, I am confident that each ASHTEC graduate will realize not only their dreams, but they will become significant contributors to our nation and to the whole world.

I invite you to be a part of this exciting ministry among our young people. We may not be able to change the whole world, but we can certainly change the world of a person – for the glory of God!

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ASHTEC Partner School

13567122_1204988796201767_3771321967271909819_n   PLNCC

Partner Agencies are Hiring the following:

  • Meat cutter / Butcher Dairy Farm Workers (Poultry & Piggery)
  • Scaffolding Workers
  • Carpentry (20-30 years Old)
  • Tile Setter, Iron Work & Welder (20-30 yrs Old)
  • Industrial Packaging (22-32 yrs Old)
  • Machine Operator (20-28 yrs Old)
  • Painters and Latero (22-42 yrd Old)
  • Plumber (25-33 yrs Old)

With 2 years Experience :

  • Housekeeping with NCII (22-40 yrs Old)
  • Caregiver (20-38 yrs Old)

Limited Slots only!!!

Tel. No. (044) 326 2140 / (044) 769 7628
Mobile No. 0908-866-0509 / 0922-663-2578/
Email Address: plnccashtec@yahoo.com / mqevangelista08@gmail.com

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Ruby Joyce Morales graduated the ICT course, batch 26. She currently working as an Executive Assistant/Finance Staff at Fourkings Lumber and Construction Supply in Baliwag. She was a former sponsored student of Father “Boyet”, because she don’t have the ability to study because her parents are incapable to provide her education. She’s so thankful to be among those who got […]


The Head Pastor, Rev. Cornelio Sacramento, talked to her about ASHTEC. But she had to wait for one year to get enrolled because she was under age and all the slots were already taken. However, ASHTEC reserved a slot for her months before June so she was able to enroll on the first semester.

Life inside ASHTEC was great. She learned […]

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